Peer Reviews

This service is available to other radiologists and radiology groups. Peer Review Program is open to individual radiologists, hospital radiology departments, imaging centers, IDTFs, mobile imaging providers and multi-specialty physician groups.

ACR accreditation is now mandated by many payors including Medicare. Individual radiologists certified by the American Board of Radiology after 2004 also can utilize this QA program to custom-tailor their individual Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) projects required for the Maintenance of Certificate (MOC).

Meeting full QA requirements is often beyond the reach of small and solo radiologist practices. We utilize an existing national network of board-certified radiologists and advanced technology. You upload a random sampling of your radiology images and reports and we grade them on a six-point scale on various imaging and reporting parameters.

We will also provide feedback on a reading radiologist’s style and depth of reporting as well as such medicolegal aspects as communication with referring physicians. This service will enhance the practice’s performance and benefit individual radiologists in measuring improvement on a quarterly or annual basis.

The cost of this program is $25 per uploaded case. Please note peer review reports will be generated (not the actual radiological reports).

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