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Marianne's Story

marianne-photoI live outside of New York City and I was involved in a few accidents that left me suffering from severe pain due to spine and shoulder injuries. Because of these injuries, it is difficult for me to leave my home. Recently, I visited the ER and needed an MRI of my spine to gather more information regarding the pain. Upon receipt of the MRI report at the hospital, I had some concerns. I found it difficult to decipher the information in the report written by the radiologist at the hospital and because of my limitations from my injuries, I was unable to get out of my house to visit another doctor for a second opinion.

I went on the internet and found and was thrilled to learn that I could simply upload the DVD of my MRI and receive an affordable second opinion within a few hours. I was amazed at how quickly I received my response and it was written in a comprehensive report that was so easy to understand. I'm so grateful to for providing me with an expert Radiologist who enabled me to better understand the extent of my injuries without going through the hardship of traveling to doctors, waiting for hours in doctor's offices and trying to remember medical details being told to me.

I am extremely grateful for the medical services I received from I was uncertain that I would be able to obtain any second opinions about my conditions due to my decreased mobility. With I never had to leave my house and I received excellent and affordable medical services right in my home that eased my mind tremendously. is a wonderful, professional service and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a second opinion which is such an essential part of healthcare.

Marianne O'Grady


My doctor told me that nothing was wrong with my foot and that the MRI was normal. I knew something was wrong because the pain was getting worse. I sent my images to XMRI who proved that I was right. Less than 2 hours after I sent my images, I received the report which said that my ligament was torn and I need surgery. I love XMRI and will recommend them to everyone!

Goldie C, Cherry Hill, NJ

I was having a stomach ache and my doctor sent me for CT where they found a mass in my liver. My doctor said I needed a biopsy as soon as possible. I am terrified of needles so I contacted XMRI for a second opinion. I received a report in 45 minutes and they told me that it was a benign tumor called hemangioma and I have nothing to worry about.

Lawrence T, Atlanta, GA

Thank you for this wonderful service. It has been needed for a long time. For more than two years I have been trying to get answers to these questions. Your doctors have provided me with the information that will allow me to focus on other possibilities.

Gerald P, Newton, NJ

We are speechless. We have never seen such a detailed report. This will certainly help in getting my son the proper treatment and stop the 'vague' information we have been given for the past 2+ years!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yvonne R, Cunningham, TN

Thank you for this amazing service that you guys provided me. I was not aware about the fact that such service would even exist on-line. The speed of the service is just amazing considering the fact that my second opinion MRI results came back just in a couple of hours. The doctors provide me with the best service and results. In one word is a great and wonderful website and the team is very professional and customer oriented. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and I wish all the best in the future.

Tudor D. , Ontario Canada

I was new to the medical world up until 3 months ago when abruptly out of nowhere illness hit me. In these past three months I have come to realize being your own patient advocate is vital! Not because you shouldn't trust your Physician, but to insure your own peace of mind. I was very skeptical at first when I finally discovered options actually do exist for second opinions! I called multiple companies and even hospitals that offer radiology second opinions via web. I realized quickly I did not want to pay a huge amount. Then I found and was immediately relieved by the excellent customer service, price, and turn around time!! For the first time in 3 months I have received a very detailed and informative report that not only made sense but fit every detail to my ongoing medical problem! Thank you XMRI!

Farren, Florida

What a fantastic service provide. After continually receiving limited and inaccurate reports of my scans I decided I needed a second opinion without having to repeat the tests through another Practice. It is amazing that you can upload your images and within hours receive a detailed report from images taken on the other side of the world! The XMRI Second Opinion has saved me from having an unnecessary biopsy and has given my Neurologist definitive answers to things she has long suspected. Getting a second perspective from highly trained professionals in another country was the best thing I have could have done! Fresh information, more detailed reports and an overall inexpensive, friendly and fast service. Knowing it only takes a few hours to receive answers is fantastic. No more worrying and waiting days to get results. I will be recommending XMRI to all my friends who get less than satisfactory reports and services or just want peace of mind that nothing has been missed.

Thank you XMRI!!

Fran, QLD Australia

Hello,I wanted to thank you and your radiologist MDS for reading my films and giving such a detailed anylasis of what my injuries were.I had that my mri had been misread by the doctor who worked for my insurance company.Now there is no doubt.I will make these records available to my pain management doctor and family physician at once.

This explains a lot about my health.Thank you!!!

Stephen F., KY

I have used xmri several times for my multiple cervical disc herniations scans.
The xmri second opinion results are 100% more detailed, with calculation measurements regarding my herniations and very descriptive. I was on a workers comp case and this service really helped me get detailed, precise and in-depth information about my health and assist in my case.
Thank you! Great and fast service as well.

Ryan From New Jersey 

I am extremely impressed & will be using your service in future & advising all I know in Australia to do the same. Thank you for such a professional & prompt level of service.

K.M. from Australia

Thank you so much! You have empowered me with the medical evidence I was in great need of. Here I found excellent quality customer service along with quality reporting I am extremely pleased with. Everything was done fast and was a great experience. Thank you secondopinions for the fairness I am entitled to. Your the best! happy with my fair results, they are so helpful, just like the customer service who made my goal there own and made it a breeze. You after fair? Come here!!

T.C. from Louisville, Kentucky

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