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We provide detailed, clinically relevant and definitive subspecialty and general radiology reports.

We avoid hedging as much as possible. Our reports are clear and easy to understand.
They are not too long and not too short.  They are just right.

Our main goal is to answer the question which is raised by the referring physician. We realize that medicine is not always black and white and sometimes there is no simple answer. In that case,we will provide guidanance to make the life of the clinical staff easier. We are always available for teleconsultation.

MRI. Sample Reports

» MRI Brain without contrast
» MRI Knee
» MRI Lumbar Spine
» MRI Lumbar Spine Felxions & Extensions [1]
» MRI Lumbar Spine Felxions & Extensions [2]
» MRI Neck
» MRI Wrist [1]
» MRI Wrist [2]

CT. Sample Reports

» CT Abdomen and Pelvis with contrast
» CT Abdomen and Pelvic without contrast
» CTA Abdomen and Pelvic
» CT Brain without contrast [1]
» CT Brain without contrast [2]

PET-CT / Nuclear Medicine. Sample Reports

» PET-CT Skull base to mid-thigh [1]
» PET-CT Skull base to mid-thigh [2]
» PET-CT Skull base to mid-thigh [3]
» PET-CT Whole Body

Ultrasound. Sample Reports

» US Abdominal Complete
» US Bilateral Lower Extremity Venous
» US Bilateral Lower Extremity Arterial
» US Gallbladder
» US Venous Duplex
» US Breast

Mammography. Sample Reports

» Screening Mammography

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This service should be used for second opinions, additional medical reviews and consultations; not for primary diagnosis or treatment. Please always consult your primary doctor for final diagnosis and treatment.

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* US Patent Pending 61/551,473 "Method and apparatus for providing radiological second opinion”; reports available in any language.

* Patent Pending 13/773 941 "Automated web-based second opinion brokerage system"

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